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Air Conditioning Services

' Excellent Workmanship & Cost Efficient Solutions '

We provide a range of Services within the Air Conditioning Sector to both domestic and Commercial Clients. The Services we offer are Design & Installation, Commissioning, Phase-Out Replacement, Service Repairs and Planned Maintenance. 

We offer a range of different types of systems from Split Systems for smaller projects to VRV/VRF Systems for larger scale Commercial Projects.

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Refrigeration Services

' First Time Repairs are our Goal! '

From Installation to Maintenance of all Kitchen Refrigeration Equipment, NLB Climate can offer a great service for all of your Refrigeration requirements. We carry a wide variety of Stock in our Vehicles that helps us achieve a First Time fix when possible. We aim to Repair our Client's Refrigeration Systems as quickly as possible to minimize our Clients downtime. 

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Preventative Maintenance

' Prevent your Equipment from Costing you Money! '

Preventative Maintenance is the most important part of keeping all Air Conditioning and Refrigeration equipment operating to their highest efficiency. Lack of Maintenance to equipment causes minor to major problems with equipment which may cost our clients money. Lack of Maintenance is the problem for 75-80% of all breakdowns. Get in touch with NLB Climate and we will provide you with a Affordable and Excellent Maintenance package for you're Air Conditioning and Refrigeration equipment.

Beer Cellar Systems

' Keep Your Customers Happy With A Cold Beer! '

NLB Climate offer Design, Installation, Repairs and Maintenance of all Beer Cellar Systems. To Keep your Beer Cellar System running correctly we recommend having the system Maintained at least every year, dependant on conditions. 

The Beer Cellar Systems that NLB Climate specify for the task will keep your Beer Kegs at the correct temperature which will range from 4C to 12C depending on Beer type. Get In Touch with NLB climate today to see what we can do for you.

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Refrigerated Trailer Hire

' When You Need That Extra Space or Have A Breakdown '

NLB Climate also have a Refrigerated Trailer we use for Hire and for Breakdowns where parts are not readily available. This gives our Client the Temporary Facility to store there products. The Refrigerated Trailer can be operated at both Chill and Freezer Temperatures with the Dual Temp capabilities of the Refrigeration System. Shelves are provided within the Trailer and with LED Lighting, Lockable Door, Tracker and Outside LED Light to light the area around the Trailer for Safety Reasons. Get in Touch with NLB Climate if you have a need for Extra Space or have an Emergency Breakdown.

Wine Cellar Systems

' Preserve Your Wine Collection '

NLB Climate offer a variety of Services in Wine Cellar Systems. Installation, Repairs and Maintenance of your Wine Cellar System. Having your Wine Cellar System Maintained gives you the peace of mind that your equipment is operating the way it should and preserving your wine collection. 

Systems can be Temperature only or be Temperature with Humidity Control depending on your requirements. Get In Touch with NLB Climate today.


Renewables - Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP)

' The Future is Green! '

NLB Climate are in the Heat Pump Industry as well for both Domestic & Commercial. 

With the future looking to reduce Carbon Emissions, Heat Pumps to Heat your home and Water is the future to achieving this and saving clients money in the long run. Get In Touch with NLB Climate to see what we can do for you.

Facilities Services

' We always Have A Solution For Your Problem! '

NLB Climate can provide more than just Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. We can provide our Clients with Electrical, Plumbing, Building Fabric/Roofs, CCTV/Fire Alarm Services and much more when they are needed. 

We can provide a Full Maintenance package for your Office/Building where you will not be disappointed with the Service by us here at NLB Climate. 

Get In Touch with NLB Climate and see what Solutions we can put together for your needs.



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